Welcome to Gateshead and Whickham Swimming Club

100+ years of competitive swimming.

Joining GAW

If you are joining Gateshead and Whickham please complete this form and send it to clubsecretary@gawswim.org.uk 

All members have a responsibility to ensure that they  have read Swim England’s Data Protection Policy which you can find here.

All members of GAW have a responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with our Constitution which you can find here.

All members should also ensure they have read and understood our Code of Conduct.

ASA Renewals

Due to insurance requirements your child will not be able to train or compete if ASA fees have not been renewed for 2022.

If you are a new member then please contact membershipsecretary@gawswim.org.uk to arrange to pay ASA fees.

ASA Renewal fees for 2022 are set out below.

  • Category One – £17.35 – this is for all members in Learn To Swim (LTS)
  • Category Two – £36.15 – this is for all members from Academy upwards


Our monthly fees can be found here.

Please contact our club treasurer for more information.


Photography at GAW

We have an opt-out policy relating to photography on our website and social media.  

Find the opt-out form here.

Friends of Team GAW

Huge good luck to our diddy league team today at Tynemouth. Enjoy it! A photo from the archives… #TeamGAW pic.twitter.com/ojkvRowHyy

About a year ago from Gateshead and Whickham Swimming's Twitter via Twitter for iPhone