Welcome to Gateshead and Whickham Amateur Swimming Club – a club based on traditional values of fun, fitness and competition.

Our club was originally established over 100 years ago, changing its profile a few times to eventually become Gateshead and Whickham ASC.  We are proud to provide a borough wide centre for swimming that encourages enjoyment and progression within the sport.

We are a professionally run amateur swimming club with every section of the club providing qualified coaches offering targeted training.  You can read more about our squads here.

Our swimmers enjoy a great deal of success, competing at county, region and national levels.   Some become individual champions, going on to represent county and national squads while some are part of our league winning teams.  However, we warmly welcome and encourage new members at all levels of participation including:

  • Children new to swimming or progressing from council run schemes
  • Competitive swimmers who dream of the Olympics
  • Those who swim to keep fit as well as mature swimmers wishing to keep their sport going

All are very welcome.

We offer ‘try out’ sessions for those who want to find out more.  Please get in touch if you’re interested in being part of our club and having a free assessment.

We’re a club based in the North East of England, but we have a national presence. We take part in competitions all over the country and as part of a number of events we run, we attract swimmers to our open competitions from all over the country.  If you’re a club interested in competing in one of our events, please email us.

We’re an inclusive club and we’re always keen to meet people who want to join in:

  • If you’re interested in supporting us, becoming a friend of our club or perhaps sponsoring us – read more here
  • If you’re a volunteer who just wants to help – get in touch










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