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Gateshead & Whickham Sportswear

We’re introducing a new range of clothing, and sporting goods adorned with the Gateshead & Whickham logo.

Details of this can be found here


Swim Caps

“Plain” Two-tone G&W swim caps are available to purchase at all times, simply pay for them here then forward the receipt to your squad rep to redeem you hats.

We only place orders for personalised caps 3-4 times per year, an announcement will be made in the month prior to order and they are ordered via the Gawbook e-commerce site.

Personalisation can be added in the form of white lettering, as shown, but in accordance with the Club’s Child Protection Policy click here swim caps will be limited to only one name or word i.e. forename or surname or nickname. There is no limit to the letters used however the size of the lettering will reduce as more letters are used (for example ROBERTSON will use smaller letters compared with SMITH to ensure the name fits on to the hat)


Swim Hats Standard cap £5.00* Personalised cap £7.50*

*prices as at 04/12/17

General Kit & Training Aids
Unwanted equipment – Fins, Paddles, Kick Boards, Pull Buoys

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