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Gateshead & Whickham Sporting Goods.

We supply a range of clothing, training aids and sporting goods adorned with the Gateshead & Whickham logo.

Details regarding our available clothing can be found here

The range includes:

Swim Hats Standard cap £5.00* Personalised cap £7.50*

*prices as at 1st Apr 2013

General Kit & Training Aids

ItemPrice (£)
Fins (price per size)1-2 £TBC, 3-4 £TBC, 5-6 £TBC, 6-7 £TBC, 8-9 £TBC
Pull Buoys, Mesh Bags£6.00* (each)

We will be stocking hand paddles – again prices to follow.

Unwanted equipment – Fins, Paddles, Kick Boards, Pull Buoys

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