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How to complete a gala entry

Don’t worry if you haven’t entered a gala before, the process it quite simple …

This is just the online entry bit, here is the full process for entering galas 

  1. Work out which events you want to enter – This is normally done with the guidance of the coach.
  2. You need to see if upper or lower qualifying times apply. These keep swimmers who are too fast out of “development” galas and keeping the number of entries manageable at higher level events. It will tell you on the gala info page, or in the gala documents.
  3. Find your PB times and convert them to the format required for the event; either 50m (LC) or 25m (SC). There are links to convert times on the gala pages. If the swimmer does not have a PB for that event, enter 00:00. You can look up PB on the ASA website
  4. Either go directly to the e-commerce site, and look for the correct event, or follow the link on the gala info page
  5. Once on the gala entry page, fill out the swimmer details at the head of the order form.
  6. Now enter PB times and pick LC/SC as appropriate
  7. Click “Add to Events” – you will see “added to list”
  8. When you’re done adding events, click on the “Events List” basket logo
  9. If you click “View Events List”, you can double check the entry and delete as required. Go back to the entry form to add correct entries.
  10. When the event list is correct, click “Checkout”
  11. Fill in your details
  12. Add a payment method
  13. Confirm the order
  14. All done! You should receive email confirmation

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