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REPORT: Potential squad at May galas

The month of May was to say the least, quite a busy month for Potential Squad swimmers.

The first weekend saw us off to Sheffield, to start off the regional campaign with Sarah Wright and Hannah Brown.  Both of them competed in multiple events and with limited training they still managed to achieve personal best times.  Congratulations girls.  

Second and fourth weekend, off we went to Leeds and it was the turn of the first timers – Age Group swimmers, Henry Stephenson and Oliver Quigley.  Both of whom competed in the 200 Fly event and Oliver also continuing on to the 400IM and 50 Back.  Both boys stepped up to the occasion and gained either personal best times and/or experience. Congratulations to both boys.

Not to be left out, the remainder of the squad were off to the Wear Valley gala. Many  medals were won and personal best times achieved. Notable swims for the younger swimmers were from Ethan Storey (200FC) and Cole Reid (100IM). From the older swimmers congratulations to Carman and Anabel Gaish for competing in the 200 Fly!!!

Kieran enjoyed his last gala and his swimmers didn’t disappoint.

Well done to one and all of the swimmers, back to training for the last two competitions of the year…..

Fabulous month of swimming guys from proud coaches
Kieran and Sue

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