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CLOSED Middlesbrough AA Grade Gala – 23rd/24th February 2019


Where’s it at? The Neptune Centre, Ormesby Rd, Middlesbrough TS3 7RP   
When’s it on? Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th February 2019
Who’s it for? This event is for swimmers in Potential Groups 1 & 2 who HAVE NOT swum faster than the Qualifying Times specified in the conditions

See your coach for guidance.

What’s the cost? All events are £5.50 each
When’s the closing date? Closing date for entries was 9:00am, Monday 21st January 2019.
How do I complete a gala entry? There are step-by-step instructions here.
How do I convert PB times? Use this Guide to see how to use the Swim Time Converter
How do I pay for my swims? To select and pay for swims use the GAW booking system.
Entries for Checking Will appear here when available
Accepted / Rejected Entries Will appear here when available
Results Will appear here when available
Gala Report Will appear here when available
Gala Info List of Events, Conditions and QT’s can be found in the document(s) below as published by Northumberland & Durham Swimming Association.

MASC AA Grade 2019 Gala Conditions

Please Note
  • Entries will only be accepted with times in line with the qualifying times attached so please ensure that entry times are checked before entering.
  • Ages are as at 24th February 2019
  • Swimmers must be, or have applied for registration with the A.S.A. and may only enter events in their own age group.
  • It is the responsibility of the swimmer/parent to notify the coach/poolside helper of any issues in advance of the sessions. This includes withdrawals and requests to attend after the official warm-up per session.

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