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KIT ORDER December 2017 Kit order update

The PDF below has details of all kit received in the first shipment
Items in YELLOW, RED, GREEN and BLUE have been received
Items that are in WHITE, or missing from this list are still to be fulfilled by EV2.

GW Kit Order_EP

Remaining items that were not collected from Emrys before Christmas have been passed to reps for distribution.
Polo and t-shirts are expected to be shipped to Emrys w/e 12th January

Apart from next shipment of polos/Ts, Ev2 are investigating the other outstanding items – please check to see if your order is on here. outstanding kit from first order 050118 If not, you need to get in touch with EV2 with your order confirmation details.

Any issues with faults, such as detaching eyelets, clicks on garments (before use) stitching quality etc. should be taken up directly with EV2. If you can cc in so that he can monitor the quantity/type of issues.

Darren Moore
T: 0113 252 6770

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