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RESULTS BOSSS Winter Swim Festival 13th-15th October 2017 – Performance Youth/Senior

Billingham Forum, Town Centre, The Causeway, Stockton-on-Tees, Billingham TS23 2LJ

Friday 13th – Sunday 15th October 2017

Gala info

Swim Meet Outline Club Info October 2017

£5.50 per event (£7.00 for 400m events) – Coach to provide suggested swims

Accepted Entries online for checking:

Accepted Entries
Rejected Enrtries


BW17 Results Session1
BW17 Results Session2
BW17 Results Session3
BW17 Results Session4
BW17 Results Session5

Closing date 22nd September

Swimmers must be, or have applied for registration with the A.S.A. and may only enter events in their own age group.

The Swim Time Converter – provided by is a useful tool and can be used to convert swimmers’ PB times from long course to short course and vice versa.

Warm Up

 Friday  18:00  Mixed warm up  
 Saturday  08:00  Girls warm up first  pm TBA
 Sunday  08:00  Boxs warm up first  pm TBA

NOTE from organisers: “For those parents that have not visited the Forum for a while there are parking restrictions directly in front of the Forum, however to either side of the Forum is numerous Free parking. There are wardens that patrol the area so I would recommend that parents do not use the Coach Parking bays also located in the Forum Parking.”

The attending coach(s) and supporting poolside helper(s) are listed below:-

Coach(s) – TBC
Helper(s) – TBC

It is the responsibility of the swimmer/parent to notify the coach/poolside helper of any issues in advance of the sessions.  This includes withdrawals and requests to attend after the official warm up per session.

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