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Process for entering Galas

The Club apply the following process for gala entries:

  • Competition details will appear on our website once they are known
  • After the Competition Secretary releases details of the competition; they will tell your Squad Rep and coach if your squad should be entering. If your squad should be entering, your Squad Rep will pass competition details to every swimmer in your squad.
  • You should select the events you wish to enter at the competition and return your entry form to the Squad Rep before the closing date that your Squad Rep gives you.
  • Your Squad Coach can advise you on which events you should be entering.
  • You will have to provide payment for the events you wish to enter at the time you give your entries to the Squad Rep. If you do not provide payment for events at this time, the Championship Secretary will not enter you into the competition. No Payment, No Swims.
  • We would prefer that payment for competition entry is made by cheque payable to ‘Gateshead and Whickham ASC’.
  • The Squad Reps will check and collate competition entries and will advise Squad Coaches on the swimmers entered and not entered.
  • The Championship Secretary will enter swimmers into competitions.
  • Swimmers may not be accepted by the competition organiser for all of the events entered. This may be for a number of reasons. The organiser will informus of non-accepted entries by sending us a rejections list.
  • The rejections list will be published on the club web site, but the Squad Reps will seek out the individuals with rejected entries and will pass back any payments for rejected events.

 If you are unclear about any aspect of entering competitions, the Squad Rep will make themselves available to accept your questions and provide answers.

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